Tron: Ares (2025) streaming VF

Tron: Ares (2025)
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Tron: Ares (2025) streaming

Année de production: 2025
Nationalité: U.S.A.
Durée:1h 30min
Réalisé par: Joachim Rønning
Titre original:

Tron: Ares

![alt text](Tron: Ares is a cinematic continuation of the iconic Tron franchise, directed by Joachim Rønning. The film follows the story of Ares, a young Program who is thrown into the thrilling and dangerous world of the Grid. As he navigates through challenges and battles against powerful enemies, Ares must uncover the truth behind his existence and find a way to save the Grid from a new and sinister threat. With stunning visual effects and a gripping narrative, Tron: Ares promises to be an epic sci-fi adventure that will captivate audiences and reignite the excitement of the Tron universe.)
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