Norwegian Dream (2024) streaming VF

Norwegian Dream (2024)
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Norwegian Dream (2024) streaming

Année de production: 2023
Nationalité: Pologne, Allemagne, Norvège
Durée:1h 38min
Réalisé par: Leiv Igor Devold
Titre original:

Norwegian Dream

Norwegian Dream is a psychological thriller film directed by Leiv Igor Devold. The story follows a young woman who is haunted by past traumas and starts experiencing frightening hallucinations. As she struggles to distinguish between reality and her nightmares, she must confront her inner demons and unravel the dark secrets of her past. The film explores themes of guilt, trauma, and the thin line between dreams and reality. With a gripping narrative and stunning visuals, Norwegian Dream takes the audience on a mind-bending journey into the depths of the human psyche.
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